Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to my blog.

Greetings loyal (hopefully) reader,

Welcome to the blog of Elisabeth Fitzgerald, LA based writer of contemporary female urban fiction. I'm sorry, I just do not care for the term "chick lit". It sounds so...mysoginistic. They don't call male-centric books "dick lit" do they? Actually...maybe they should start.

Anyway, thanks so much for coming by my blog. I am currently in the process of finishing up my novel "Becoming Magdalene", about a young screenwriter that moves to Los Angeles to persue her dream and winds up making friends, falling in love and following her heart.

How's that for a pitch? Ha ha.

Hope to see you here soon and often. Let's be friends!


Madison Leigh said...

They DO call it dick lit in England! Nick Hornsby is considered a founder of the genre. But I do get your point ;).

I will tell you, anyone who thinks that "chick lit," or, um, CFUF, is mindless twaddle should attend a writing conference of said genre. I will never look at CFUF the same way again. Now, yes, I will say that I have read a couple of CFUF novels, and thought "gee, this is just silliness and I cannot relate to these characters at all." But that is the stuff that gives the genre a bad name, and all genre has them. ALL.

I'd like to drop the name Eileen Rendahl here. I met this wonderful woman this weekend. She write CFUF novels, Balancing on High Heels, Un-Bridaled, Un-Veiled, etc. She gave a talk about Setting as Metaphor, and used two of her novels, along with many other books of other authors, as examples of how this works. And to hear her talk, to see how intricately woven the elements are in her stories, I mean, it was amazing! I now have two of her books. Just because there are a few bad CFUF books out there does not mean they all are, and they certainly are not effortless to write, nor are they written by ditzy people. Eileen, even as a person is inspiring to a writer. She really knows her stuff. Her stories come from deep inside and you can tell by the way she talks about them that they are dear to her and that she has worked very hard on them. It shows.

I have a question. I've just read on another blog that there is a genre called "urban fiction" that deals with african american issues. I have no idea if this is true or not. Do you?

I'll be your friend!!

Madison Leigh said...

UM, ok, there are a couple of truly horrendous sentences in the above post...I am so embarrassed. Like the last sentence in the second paragraph. I guess I have not recovered from this weekend yet!!! ugh....

Elisabeth Fitzgerald said...

I think that "urban fiction" does refer to African American culture. I wonder if I should call mine female, that's a lot of words to describe what I do.

I am going to look up this Eileen Rendahl. She sounds great!

PS I love the fact that the Brits do say "dick lit". Fabulous.