Wednesday, April 9, 2008

International Travel

I am an international traveler. Sort of. Okay, I've technically been to Mexico. But, I did get my passport and I hope to use it soon.

However, in between running errands, chatting up neighbors and fighting Los Angeles traffic, I did manage to go to Persia today. And I was in Japan last week. How? Books. They can take you to exotic places and teach you about new customs.

"Yes," I'm sure you're saying. "Yes, I know this." And I'm sure you do. But, itsn't it amazing? And wonderful?

Take the book I'm currently reading. "A Veil of Roses" by Laura Fitzgerald (no relation). It's about a young Persian woman who comes to the United States to escape from an opressive regime and find a husband. Except she isn't really sure that she wants one. Until I started this story I knew virtually nothing of Iran other than what I've seen on the news and we all know that isn't always pleasant. However, this story has opened my eyes to other traditions and ideas and the beauty of the Persian culture.

So, dear reader, where would you like to go? It's easy enough to get there. Just read.


Madison Leigh said...

My favorite place to travel: The London Underground, via Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. For some reason, that place just really came alive for me. It was like a character in the book, not just a static setting.

Janelle Dakota's blog said...

Mhy grandmother used to tell us stories about her travels, and we all believed her. She could provide such intricate details! And she got them all from reading. Of course, as soon as I could read, I went on adventures of my own, but I never tired of hearing Gramma describe something from a book she'd read.