Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hash Tags and a Hilarious Line from Family Guy

Does anyone watch Family Guy? I know the humor isn't for everyone, but I really enjoy it. One of their running gags is that Brian, the snarky talking dog, is a failed writer. On
a recent episode he talks about giving up his dream after his first book is a terrible failure. Stewie, the psychopathic talking baby, responds with a classic line:

"You can't give up writing. It's the only thing giving your alcoholism any credibility."

Oh, Family Guy. Hilarious. Off color, sure, but my guess is that Ernest Hemmingway and Truman Capote would have laughed, too.

I don't Tweet. It's one of those things that I feel a little old for. A friend of mine swears that most Twitter members (Tweeters?) are folks in their twenties, but I don't know. I still feel like "You damn kids and your music. Get off my lawn."

However, I do love the "hash tag" thing that's happening on Twitter. I feel like it opens up tons of comedic possibilities. I want to start using it in daily life, like on Facebook or texting or instant messages or random emails. Really, think of the potential...


Elisabeth Fitzgerald is avoiding work but spending quality time with TiVo. #ProcrastinationMeansYourCreditCardDebtWillNeverBePaid #RealLifeShouldBeLikeLawandOrder


323.555.0185: Dude, wat happnd 2 u lst nite? U left the club early. :(
310.555.6793: Met an awesome girl, went to her place. It wuz da bomb! #BadDecisions #CoyoteUgly #DoesThisLookLikeAWartToYou


Friend 1: Hi!
Friend 2: I am away from my computer right now. #Lying #PretendingToHaveALife


Dear Boss,

I will be late today. I have an emergency doctor's appointment but I hope it will go quickly.

Employee #PossibleJobInterview #TooMuchPartying

Yeah, I think we need to start hash tagging more. It can only lead to good things.

For example, I could tag this post #GoWorkOnYourBook #FamilyGuyReadsSouls. Or just #ThanksForSpendingTimeHere


Madison Leigh said...

LOL Love Family Guy... I was just sending around "Bird is the Word" clips to people for Thanksgiving...

Jane Latta said...

Too funny!

Viansa said...

LOL The text message is my favorite! Hysterical!