Monday, February 14, 2011

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, But They're All Dead by February 17th (So Why the Valentine's Day Hype?)

So, it's Valentine's Day. You'd think, as an enjoyer of silly love songs, a watcher of sitcoms and a reader/writer of pink-covered, girly books that I would be all about the V-Day.

You'd think wrong.

Yeah, Valentine's Day just doesn't do it for me. When I'm coupled I feel just as "Meh" about it as I did when I was single. It started out as a religious holiday (honoring a saint that was beheaded, fyi), but the rampant commercialism has made it feel cheap. It seems like a day that's made for us to feel "less than." No boyfriend? LESS THAN! No date? LESS THAN! No flowers? LESS THAN!

Frankly, I've got enough in my life making me feel "less than." I don't need Hallmark to do it, too. That's why I was honored when The Zeros Before the One asked me to write an article about how to make it through Valentine's Day unscathed. It can be done! Read the call to action here:

Let's avoid this today.

Unless it's in your DVD player, of course.

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