Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Insert Black Bar Here]

I'm not graphic design savvy enough to actually make a black bar my subject heading, but you get the idea. Like many people, I'm against SOPA. The first writing that I actually shared with other people? Yeah, it was fanfiction. Fanfiction for a horror/sci fi show called "Poltergeist the Legacy." I adored that show and I credit it for helping me overcome my shyness regarding writing and sharing my work. I made zero money from my stories and no harm was done. I was just, you know, creating.

Piracy is a bad thing. Stealing is not good. However, neither is a mandate that could censor the internet. I've had to deal with the MPAA quite a bit in my entertainment career. They're not my favorite organization. I've seen the "standards" on which movies are rated. It usually depends on how much money the studio has or how powerful the people attached are. I worked for a small studio and we constantly struggled with MPAA regulations. However, the bigger studios didn't seem to have the troubles that we did. More money? Probably. Did the whole experience leave a bad taste in my mouth? Definitely.

We need to protect the freedom that is afforded to us by the first amendment. I encourage you to sign this petition and stop internet censorship.

Also, check out this hilarious video of Hitler ranting about SOPA. This is what's at stake!

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