Friday, November 20, 2009

Could I Create a Time Warp?

Full confession time: although I am a HUGE fan of scary movies (trust. I am total "genre girl"), I have never seen EVENT HORIZON. I know that it's supposed to be really good, but I have a good reason that it never made it to my viewing list.

The setting: Winter of [date redacted]. I am on a first date with a boy I have a huge crush on. We're in the movie theatre, watching EVENT HORIZON. Only, I'm not really paying attention. It's dark and we're sitting RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. He goes to hold my hand....I'm so nervous! Does he want to kiss me? I think he wants to kiss me. Maybe he'll kiss me. Wait, what is this movie about?

It doesn't matter, because the theatre has technical difficulties and we never see the end.

The relationship doesn't last, but I forever associate that movie with that boy and that date.

Flash forward to the present day: my boyfriend is shocked that a horror buff like me has never seen EVENT HORIZON. He insists that I put it on my Netflix queue. I do, it arrives and I go to watch it.

It doesn't work.

It won't play on either of the Blue Ray players that we have. It keeps skipping and bouncing and pixelating.

My current theory is that I'm just not supposed to see this movie. That if I watch it, I will create some sort of rip in the space-time continuum and it will create chaos for us all. Should I even order a replacement disc or will doing so force us all to come face to face with our future selves (a la STAR TREK) and create an alternate universe?!

Or, will I just get a disc that actually works? Only time will tell.

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