Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogging Random Thoughts from the Emmys.

No, I'm not there. I wish, kind of. I've done the award show thing and it's not all it's cracked up to be. It's much more fun to sit on the couch, drink wine and make comments. In fact, I think I'm going to share some comments with you! I'm not live blogging, per se, but you know...I'm pre-recorded for an earlier telecast blogging. Don't worry. I'm not going to comment on things that I don't find particularly interesting.

Loving the opening number. Jon Hamm dancing! Also Jane Lynch rocks!

Jon Hamm + Betty White presenting Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy? There's nothing I don't like about that sentence.

Yay for Eric Stonestreet! Love "Modern Family"! (PS Is Jesse Tyler Ferguson crying because he's happy for his co-star or because he didn't win? Thoughts?)

Sophia Vergara's dress is lovely. Gold! Sparkly! Cute accent! Am I the only one that hasn't ever seen "The Big Bang Theory"? And these jokes are falling flat. You know who won't win an Emmy for writing? The Emmys. Hooray for more "Modern Family" love and hooray for writing!

JANE LYNCH for the win of Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy! Hell to the yes! My former company did a movie with her and I just love her to death. Go Jane! And she's from the South Side of Chicago! I officially could not love her more.

Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry presenting? Is it 1998?

George Clooney. That's a whole lot of yes right there.

Best actor in a comedy....I guess Alec. I was wrong. Maybe I should start watching this "Big Bang" thing.

Ooh, Kerri Russell is wearing hot pink while she presents with Will Arnett. I like it! I also like Will Arnett. I'm just saying.
Writing in a drama series...I feel it necessary to comment on the writing awards. I'm going "Mad Men" but just because I heart that show times a million. And....I was RIGHT! Go "Mad Men"!

Are we really reading from Twitter on the Emmys? Really? Also, am I the only person that doesn't have Twitter?

Oh, but it's okay. Nathan Fillion is here now. He'll make it better.

I don't watch enough TV apparantely, because Joel McHale and Jeff Probst are the only things I've been excited about in quite awhile.

Oh, and a writing award! Hoorah! Best Writing in a Variety Series goes to...the Tony Awards. Uh, okay then. See you when something else interesting happens.

Oh, Ricky Gervais. I just love you so very, very much.

George Clooney wins the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award. I fell in love with George Clooney when he was first on ER back in the day. Still adore him. And so glad that someone is going to give an honorary award speech that I actually want to hear. Thanks, George.

Uh oh. The part with the dead people. I've always forgotten some and then I feel bad. Like, "Oh, shoot, they're dead?!" Wait...did they just put Corey Haim's name on a picture of Fred Savage? Did that just happen?

I've liked Claire Danes since "My So Called Life." I wish she worked more.

Okay, so I think I may be wrong about the Haim/Savage thing. Apparantely, they just look(ed) a lot alike. Whew.

Last two awards, woo hoo! I'm going "Glee" for Comedy and "Mad Men" for drama. Let's see about this...

Drama....MAD MEN! Woot! I'm thrilled because a) I never guess correctly and b) I love "Mad Men" and everything associated with it.

Comedy...Modern Family! I was wrong, but still thrilled! Seriously, "Modern Family" is an AWESOME show. You should watch it.

So, that does it for me at the Emmys. Time to go do something productive. You know, like, write.

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Madison Leigh said...

I am unfortunately totally behind on my Hollywood news, but to comment on Claire Danes, did she win an award for Temple Grandin? I have to say, I thought she was just superb in that movie. If you want to meet my son without actually being there with him, watch that movie. It IS him. He talks just like her. I have to say, it gave me hope in a strange sort of way, because I know they captured Temple's sort of autism, which looks like the same sort my son has, perfectly. LOL we've actually taken to responding, "OK, Temple," every now and then to him.

And I LOVE her cowgirl blouses!!! (I'm sorry, I'm probably proving to be your polar opposite on here, but what the heck...)