Monday, January 10, 2011

ROW80 Check In #2 ~ Or, the One Where I Fall Off a Bit

Well, perhaps I shouldn't have jumped the proverbial gun. I did a lot of writing for the ROW80 Second Check In, but I did not accomplish my goal every day. Want my laundry list of excuses?

1. I was sick (I was! And I also had the NyQuil hangover that goes along with trying to make yourself better).

2. I was seeing Ben Affleck! Come on, that gives me some points, right?

3. My bestie was in from Vegas. So, we did the brunching, shopping, tattooing thing (her, not me. Tattoos look extremely painful).

So, those are my excuses as to why I missed a day and a half on my goals. And you know what? None of them are really good or acceptable. Writers write. I apologise. I will be better this week. I promise! Onward and upward.

1 comment:

Kim Knox said...

You're forgiven for your lapse :)

Seriously though, you obviously had fun - after being ill - which is good. And the Ben Alfleck thing? I'd label that research.

Your books need a hero, so getting up close, seeing what you--and others -- find attractive in a hero enables you to translate what you see and feel back into your writing.

Hugh Jackman is doing that for me right now... ;-)

Good luck with the rest of the week.